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Satori’s artworks are eclectic in subject choice, driven by emotional and intellectual spontaneity which befits her exuberant personality.

Like fragments of a kaleidoscope the point of reference for her sculptures and paintings is reality, the techniques and styles keep metamorphosing.

Just as her lifelong exposure to many cultures shaped her outlook on life so does the work of artists from the past to present influence her creative output.

In the past Satori’s commission base was often portraiture and landscapes, a choice befitting her favourite pastime of reflecting on the essence of being and meaning of existence. Other works manifest her surreal intentions.

The use of bright colours, imaginary lands and beings or abstract concepts of suffering/happiness inhabit her canvas and stone sculptures.

“What you see is what you get”

Satori joins group exhibitions on a regular basis. Her art works found homes in Canada, USA, Venezuela, Austria, Taiwan and Australia.

Satori has recently opened studio satori at her Blue Mountain base in Medlow Bath. Please call 04 4788 0368 or email for private viewings.


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